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theshallowpool's Journal

diving into the shallow end of the fan pool
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Are you secretly shallow but consider your lj an intellectual bastion and don't want to sully it with shallowness? Do you want to drool, pant, and squee over the objects of your desire shamelessly? Do you want to write an essay about Methos' boxer shorts and the contents of said shorts? Do you want to entertain us with your view on Captain Jack, and why he is the ideal date for every gender, every species? Do you want to get sossed with the other Captain Jack and molest him? Do you think Kronos is just misunderstood and needs petting? Do you sometimes wish that you lived in forties wartime England just so you could have a cheap, tawdry affair with Ralph Lanyon? Do you want to be a slave/hostage in Alexander's court and have him ....choose you? Do you think that Angelina Jolie should dump Brad Pitt and take up with you? Do you have at least one new crush every month?

If the answer is yes to at least one of those questions then this is the place for you - come in, grab a bib, and take off your intellectual slippers at the door.